How does CCIE Certification Help an IT Engineer?

There are a lot of courses available around the web which can teach you about various aspects of computing and networking, often making it hard for engineers to choose an option which will be recognized. Thanks to the Cisco name, along with the popularity of the CCIE program, you will struggle to find an employer who doesn’t recognize this certification. Along with this, being kept up to date with the latest developments in your field is also crucial, and is something which Cisco can provide to engineers through CCIE. Companies like can help you to find roles in this field, but you will need to have the qualifications to match.

Types of CCIE Certification

There are five different types of CCIE certification, all of which are aimed at various kinds of network technicians. Each will put your Internetworking skills to the test, and you are allowed to take more than one, giving you the chance to become a real expert in this field.

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